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On Monday, the CPUC (Council of the Princeton University Community) voted to add gender identity to the "Respect for Others” passage in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities. In addition, they also modified the "Respect for Others" passage to include the "expression" of all the identities included therein. Also, earlier this semester, the Office of the Provost modified the University’s Equal Opportunity Policy and Nondiscrimination Statement to include gender identity. Students, staff, and faculty have been working on this issue for several years, and we are proud that the University has added this very important language.

I've got a girlfriend!

I'm very excited. After months of going back and forth with Dwight, who I know none of you know, except Amy, I'm finally over him and with someone else. Hoping this will last long and I don't mess things up. Can't wait to see her again!
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Someone has inspired me to start posting again

It's been so long since I even looked at this thing. So much has happened, yet nothing at all. So let's just put some bullet points to highlight some things I find important and then maybe later if I'm inspired I'll elaborate.

*I decided to take this year off to travel. Maybe go to Amsterdam or the Islands lol.

*In order to accomplish this I'm working full-time at Blockbuster and I just acquired a new job at a bank in Jersey City. Haven't started the bank job yet.

*I've got a couple thousand saved, need a couple thousand more.

*I fell in love with this Jewish boy who's lust for me was mainly sexual. He was insanely brilliant, talented, and except for his lack of feelings for me, altogether perfect.

*We broke up three months ago.

*I moved out of my sister's house and back into my mom's. I live in a cloest of a room that's always a mess because I have too much junk I don't want to sort out.

*My nephew is the cutest baby ever. I love him to death. He turns 1yr old next month. He's been walking for 2 months, has 4 teeth, and did I mention there is no one cuter?

*I'm bi-polar apparently. I became insanely sexual and had a manic episode. I took meds for about a year, but now I'm not taking anything.

*I've been ok for the past few months, besides a few rough patches. Haven't been incapacitatingly depressed but lol I haven't dealth with any of my issues either.

*I'm definitely no matter what going back to school next fall. We'll see how that goes.

*I watch a lot of movies. I waste a lot of time.

*I've been on a ridiculous amount of dates, all of which have gone nowhere.

Ok well that's all for now I suppose. Don't want to spend too much time on this right now otherwise I won't do anything else and I'll probably never wind up posting this. So I'll stop now and post it and maybe later add another entry to elaborate.
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Birth Announcement

Announcing to the world of livejournal haha the birth of the big beautiful Baby George!

This morning at 4:41am my beloved sister Anna gave birth to a whopping 9lb 2oz baby boy. Cute little Julian has Michael's cleft chin and nose and her mouth and eyes. He's so cute lol but let's just hope he's not a cholic-y baby.

No more home alone time for Sonia though.. but haha I guess it's worth it to have a happy healthy family.